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1. Invite a designer

Discuss ideas, project details and pricing with the designer you choose.

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2. Collaborate

Review designs and provide feedback all in one place.

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3. Satisfaction guaranteed

Release the payment and take full ownership of the copyright when the work is done.

Design is hard work.
Finding a great designer shouldn't be.

A design problem shared is a design problem solved.
A design problem shared is a design problem solved.
It's like having a whole team of designers.
We always turn to 1 to 1 Projects. The money is always worth it to create a unique design!

Ramona got her package design on 99designs and now ships her products all over the USA. They can be purchased on Amazon.com

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    projects created
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    designs delivered
  • $135M
    in invoices paid
That’s uh, quite a few feathers you’re showing off there, pals.
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