As the year draws to a close, nine designs rise to the top, bringing us holiday cheer. Which one inspires the greatest joy in you?

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1. Jubelkinder logo

by CChick

Sometimes, design really is all fun and games. Especially when it’s for Jubelkinder, a website for finding children’s party entertainers.

2. Hopsulator beer

top 9 at 99 december 2016
by Milena Milosavljevic

We can’t beer surprises, so we’ll let you in on a secret. This beer can label for KRYO Gear is actually a clever promotional container.

3. Augmented reality illustration

December top 9 2016

‘Tis the season to shop ‘til you drop! This digital design illustrates a bright future for augmented reality by Quest Commerce Systems.

4. Skydiving app

Top 9 at 99 December 2016
by creative²

Nobody could be a “soar” loser with this winning design for a mobile skydiving game from AppVant Garde Studios. It’s right on target!

5. Jellyfish t-shirt

by Black Arts 888

“Seas” the day! Get ready to make waves in this electric jellyfish t-shirt and celebrate marine life.

6. Waterbears website

by vonbix

What a buoyant look! The website for Waterbears helps visitors deep dive into the world’s first microscopic pets.

7. “The Summer Place”

by stella_e

We’re getting chills of anticipation for The Summer Place by Faye Westlake Newman based on this suspenseful cover.

8. Tiger backpack

by Evans Design

You gotta be fierce to guard your lunch from other kindergarteners. Designed for toddlers 3-5, this tiger backpack does the job.

9. Skull lighter

by HeyEksa!

This illustration for Lzr Lighters sparks our interest and ignites our imagination. Now we’re all fired up!