Your app icon may be a small square, but it has a huge impact on the success of your app. A great icon communicates your app’s purpose and entices the right people to download. In order to stand out from the crowd, you want your icon designer to be an expert. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your first born child in order to hire a Jony Ive protege. Luckily, we have a great freelance icon designer online ready to work with you, no matter what your budget is!

The best app icon designers of 2020

  1. 1
    • Icon or button
    • Logo design
    • Banner ad
    • Product packaging
    • Other art or illustration
    • Illustration or graphics
    • Other design
    • Button or icon
    • Book cover
    • Web page design
    • Product label
    • Flash banner
    • Facebook cover
    • Poster
    • Postcard, flyer or print
    • Other clothing or merchandise
    • App design
    • Merchandise
    • Logo & brand identity pack
  2. 2
    • Icon or button
    • Logo design
    • Illustration or graphics
    • App design
  3. 3
    • Icon or button
    • Illustration or graphics
    • T-shirt
    • Other art or illustration
    • App design
    • Magazine cover
    • Logo design

How did we choose these as the top app icon designers?

Your app icon can be the difference from a download and a scroll-by, so you want to make sure yours is designed by the best. In order to ensure you work with our top designers, we took the following into consideration when putting together this list:

1. Design quality

by Akira X3

When a designer signs up for 99designs, an expert from our team goes through their portfolio and considers the conceptual thought, technical execution and knowledge of design principles evident in their work. They then give the designer one of three levels:

  • Top Level
  • Mid Level
  • Entry Level

These levels are displayed on designer portfolios, so you can easily see if you’re working with someone with lots of experience and design chops, or someone that is up-and-coming.

2. Icon design experience

Just because you’re an amazing illustrator doesn’t mean you know how to create an icon. In addition to looking at overall quality, we vetted each designer on this list to make sure they had experience with digital design and specialized in app icons.

3. Professionalism

Of course you want someone with design skills, but you also want an icon designer who listens to your needs and gets work done in a timely manner. So we took past customer experiences into account to make sure all of our recommended app icon designers will make all aspects of the design experience seemless.

Are you ready to hire an awesome freelance app icon designer?

Your icon is the face of your app. These icon designers can help your app stand out in a crowded marketplace. And they’re just the tip of the iceburg!

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