When it comes to logo design, there are few colors as visceral as red. Commonly associated with fire, hearts and roses, the warm color exudes boldness, beauty and inspiration. The artist Henri Matisse went so far as to say, “A certain red has an effect on your blood pressure.”

The Dessert: Harmony in Red, 1908 by Henri Matisse. Via HenriMatisse.org
The Dessert: Harmony in Red, 1908 by Henri Matisse. Via HenriMatisse.org

So how has this fierce color been used historically? Red was the first color (besides black or white) used by artists in the late Stone Age, when they discovered the pigment red ochre. In ancient Egypt, Egyptians would paint their bodies red during celebrations to signify life, health and victory. Centuries later, red was used to signify revolution and became the iconic color of Communism, socialism, the Bolshevik Revolution and other monumental movements in history.

Nowadays, red can be seen in a variety of places and hues, from maroon to vermilion. It can signify passion, strength or danger. No matter where you see it in the world, this strong shade commands attention.


34 red hot red logos

Red is a powerful choice for businesses that want their branding to stand out from the pack. It’s also a super versatile logo color! By adjusting the saturation and typographic treatment, red logos can appear vintage, modern or even futuristic. We’ve rounded up 34 red logos to prove no matter what industry you’re in, the use of red can really fire up your biz. Time for some red-hot logo inspiration!

Art & Media

Red logos are all the rage amongst art and design-focused companies, and we can see why! The striking color, when used correctly, speaks wonders about a brand’s taste level. Keeping it bold yet minimal is the trend for brands like these. To achieve this look, consider clean typography atop a solid red backdrop to assert stylish confidence in your brand.

format logo
via Format
r/ga logo
via R/GA
London Design Festival
via Victoria and Albert Museum
time logo
via TIME
abstract red logo
red logo by xPAz for innobau
cnn logo
via CNN


Food & Drink

Often, the biggest challenge in the food and drink industry is getting people to buy your product or eat at your restaurant. Luckily, an eye-catching red logo can help attract consumers! Think of McDonald’s—no matter where you are in the world, their vibrant red and yellow branding is easily recognizable from miles away. Are you in the food and drink industry too? Take a cue from the brands below and stand out with a fun, brightly-colored logo design that attracts hungry customers.

budweiser logo
grub hub logo
mcdonalds logo
coca cola logo
wine logo
red wine logo by Smeg! for Elements
wine pairing logo
pairings logo by PARASCOPE for Pairings
espresso logo
espresso logo by ENIKAT designs for White Duck Espresso


It may be one of the oldest colors, but leave it to the tech industry to make red new again! By modernizing classic red with ombre gradients and trendy typographic treatments, these tech brands are using their red logos to showcase their innovative thinking. Play with wonky kerning and pictorial elements to achieve a similar experimental look for your brand.


In the retail industry? Convey your brand spirit with a memorable red logo that your customers would be proud to sport on a shirt, sticker or even as a tattoo. The brands below are doing it right with emblematic imagery that tells their audiences who they are and what they stand for. The incorporation of red is the cherry on top of iconic branding!

puma logo
Flake mountain logo
Flake logo by thisisremedy
red bull logo
bull logo by gaga vastard for brazi
liberation bike logo
Liberation bike logo by puky for Liberation Bike Shop

Professional Services

Your product may not be the most exciting (hello, life insurance!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your logo design. Red is the perfect way to spice up your business and simultaneously establish your brand as professional, confident and trustworthy. Afraid of coming off too strong? Take the route these professional service brands did and incorporate red into a combination mark with more neutral colors like black, white and gray to balance it out.

red accounting logo
accounting logo by SiMar for KHT Chartered Accountants
Marc Cordon logo
Marc Cordon lobo by Costin.L for Marc Cordon
ZDoggMD logo
ZDOGG MD logo by RGB Designs for ZDoggMD

Making red work for your biz

Is a red logo still not your cup of tea? No worries, there are other ways you can make the color work for your biz without going full-fledged crimson. Consider incorporating red into your branding in these subtle ways:

Create a red version of your logo

Although most businesses choose a single color to represent their brand, it helps to have several other colors in your arsenal. Add a shade of red to your brand color palette that works with the other colors in that palette, and create a version of your logo in this new color.

Use the red version of your logo to spruce up black-and-white creative assets, on social media pages, or for off-shoots of your brand (like if you decide to launch a minisite). We love how Refinery29 brightens up their Twitter page with a rose-colored version of their lettermark logo.

Accent your current logo with touches of red

Are you seeing red but not ready for a total rebrand? Consider incorporating touches of red into your existing logo. You could outline white letters with a stroke of crimson, fill in a transparent area with a muted maroon, or even set your logo atop a blush backdrop. Whatever route you take, red is a surefire way to breathe life into your existing logo design.

Salzburger Haus logo
Salzburger Haus logo by nevergohungry for Salzburger Haus
Peoni logo
Peoni logo by tykw for Peoni
Dugg&Wagner logo
Dutt&Wagner logo design by Descience

Time to win hearts!

Whether you’re planning to create a red logo, add accents of red to an existing brand or just gained more knowledge of how the color can be used in brand design, there’s a way to make red work for you.

Want to win hearts with a red logo? Launch a design contest today!