Just when you thought you’d seen every possible typeface, someone comes along and invents another. And the sources might not be what you’d expect. Some might have been right under your nose. Or on your plate.

1. Got eggs?


Handmadefont.com offers up a few mouthwatering typefaces you can’t resist. One favorite is the Eggs Font, an “over easy” typeface to start your day off right.


2. Got game?


Former graffiti artist Elroy Klee and current designer working from The Netherlands has come up with a 3D typeface based on the classic Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker design. Nothing but net.

3. Got grill?


Anti, an agency based in Oslo, Norway, has created a delicious grilled typeface based on meat, fish and vegetables. So go ahead, throw another vowel on the BBQ.

4. Got green?


Alice Mourou, a Moscow-based digital art director, has developed Blossom Font, a lovely touch of green in a world of meat, eggs, sneakers, and brains. There’s even an interactive version in the making.

It’s unlikely your logo design will include any of these elements, but it can’t hurt to keep an eye on everything that’s hip and happening (and outrageous!) in logo land. For more actionable tips, head over to our 5 tips for successful business logo design!