Let’s give a round of applause to all of our designers who have participated in our Logo & Hosted Web certification contest and made it to the top 60. Competition was tough, and there were some hard choices as we had 60 top designers that needed to be trimmed down to a list of 10 winners.

We’ve included feedback from Jimdo for our 10 winners – be sure to check them out and keep them in mind when designing your next Jimdo sites :).

Without further delay, we present our 10 winners and the top 60 designs from the contest.

*Hint: Click on each image to go to the actual site.

1. maylo_modulus


Site: fleabass.jimdo.com
Designer: maylo_modulus
Template: Rio de Janeiro

Highlights: Beautiful typography, especially with the headings that consistently were used with horizontal lines above and below each one. Great subtle use of the color red throughout the site. Fantastic photo choices and wonderful layout of every single page.

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2. Sergii Scrawl


Site: distillery.jimdo.com
Designer: Sergii Scrawl
Template: Zurich

Highlights: Wonderful background photo choices that were set to display a random one on each page. Similar drawings and photos were added to different pages to tie it together. Great use of a custom designed horizontal line. Beautiful spacing and page layouts. Perfect use of columns.

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3. nevergohungry

Berlin-Nevergohungry copy

Site: nevergohungry.jimdo.com
Designer: nevergohungry
Template: Berlin

Highlights: Striking color choices that continue the theme of the logo throughout the entire website. Excellent font choices continue the playful nature of the logo with the headings and images, but the paragraph text is wisely more simple and readable.

Clever use of the background image to offer a discount code and interesting way to blend the patterned yellow background with the white area below the header. Great detail right down to the footer with a clever double address layout.

4. Zulax


Site: suvus.jimdo.com
Designer: Zulax
Template: Custom

Highlights: This was one of the entries where the designer went above and beyond and created a custom Jimdo template. But it still looks great and is super consistent with design touches like matching rounded corners on all the photographs. The functional integrated Swiftype search box was an added bonus.

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5. TMark


Site: goldeman-brandt2.jimdo.com
Designer: TMark
Template: Miami

Highlights: This website oozes elegance which is the perfect complement to the luxury inspired logo. The mostly black website with white text uses subtle touches of gold or blue to highlight important headings or links. The lion favicon extends elements of the logo oven to the browser tab which is a beautiful touch.

6. Zanett


Site: japitex.jimdo.com
Designer: Zanett
Template: Miami

Highlights: Showcasing a wonderful personality and use of color, this website has lots of great small touches. The colored “rain drops” that reinforce the branding of the logo are added to actual photographs, or stand alone on the background or within the content area.

Both the font used for the headings and the font used for the paragraphs were obviously chosen to compliment the font used in the logo and the site title.

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7. sleepingpasa


Site: gunungprau.jimdo.com
Designer: sleepingpasa
Template: Shanghai

Highlights: A very modern design with a terrific use of white space. The simple logo is repeated and reinforced throughout the site in different clever ways. When there are spots where information needs to be shared, like on the right side of the contact page or in the footer, the text and headings are perfectly arranged with a lot of thought and precision.

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8. Daelinzan


Site: http://kusditea.jimdo.com/
Designer: Daelinzan
Template: Paris

Highlights: A very clean layout with a choice of background image. A very effective use of a mostly transparent background because the white text is still very readable. The use of the color yellow adds points of emphasis and reinforces a brand identity. Little added design touches like the three seals on the bottom of the home page and placing the logo in right side of the footer helped this design come out as one of the winners.

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9. Zaanmedia

Rome-Semixphotography copy

Site: http://semixphotography.jimdo.com/
Designer: Zaanmedia
Template: Rome

Highlights: There were dozens of photography based websites and this one stood out with great image choices and a clean and simple black and white color scheme which let the photographs pop. The clever layout of the portfolio page (created before the new Jimdo gallery views were available) and the hex-cropped images on the home page were both very nice touches.

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10. Mateusz Widuch


Site: http://mwiduch.jimdo.com/
Designer: Mateusz Widuch
Template: Cape Town

Highlights: Another very clean layout which utilized a very modern “flat” design with all the images and a ton of white space. Subtle blues and whites worked perfectly with the excellent background choice and use of columns, headings, horizontal lines, and spacing make for an beautiful reading experience.

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